Dmitry Itskov Unveils His Alpha Prototype Avatar A

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Russia 2045
A group of researchers from the Russia 2045 movement are thinking big, as in science fiction premise big, building a conceptual mind-transfer android. The ultimate goal is to help mankind achieve immortality by using humanoid robots as Avatars. Russia 2045 recently let a television station in to show off the android prototype in the image of the group's founder, Dmitry Itskov.
Ateam of Russian researchers has built the country’s first realistic android based on the founder of the Russia 2045 movement, Dmitry Itskov.  Like the Geminoid series robots built in Japan the android bears an uncanny resemblance to its human counterpart.

Itskov is the eccentric founder of several online news outlets and Russia 2045, a group that believes the singularity is near. The team hopes to build a fully-functional replicant by 2020 with their Avatar project.  According to the proposals, by the middle of the century the android will be ready to host a digital copy of the mind.

The android’s upper-torso was unveiled earlier this year, so it’s still very early in development. Some simple face recognition is being demonstrated and they have a pair of robot hands moving, but they hope to get it walking in a year or two.

Russia 2045 has a detailed roadmap of the Avatar project, and the fact that Itskov only kicked of the project last year, the inroads made so far are impressive.

SOURCE  Plastic Pals

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