David Brin On Our Future In Space

Thursday, May 17, 2012

 Space Exploration
In a pair of videos, science fiction author David Brin looks into the advent of Planetary Resources and the arrival of a bold new era of space exploration and opportunity.
Mining asteroids commercially is now essentially a reality with the formation of the company Planetary Resources.   Has the future finally arrived?

Scientist and science fiction author David Brin breaks down the idea into its fascinating ideas, taking a look at how Planetary Resources is planning to obtain metals and fuel by mining asteroids.

David Brin's books include the upcoming ExistenceStartide Rising, and Earth, as well as his non-fiction work, The Transparent Society, dealing with issues of privacy and secrecy.

As a public "scientist/futurist" David appears frequently on TV, including, most recently, on many episodes of "The Universe" and on the History Channel's best-watched show (ever) "Life After People." He also was a regular cast member on "The ArciTECHS."

In the videos below, Brin describes how the goal, trillions, in riches from asteroids, has now been verified. But asks what obstacles and milestones stand along a twenty-year path?

SOURCE  David Brin's YouTube Channel

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