Apple Is "Doubling Down" On Siri

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Is Siri up to Apple's standards? Some would argue that it isn't, and that the speech-recognition personal assistant that's built into the iPhone 4S was released before it was really ready. However, according to Apple's CEO Tim Cook, Apple is firmly behind developing and expanding the AI capabilities of Siri.
Apple's Siri was released late last year to much fanfare, but user response has not all been positive. For certain, Apple isn't giving up on the product anytime soon. In fact, the company's CEO Tim Cook says that Apple is "doubling down" on Siri.

Cook confirmed just how central Siri was to the latest iPhone, noting that the 'S' in iPhone 4S actually stands for Siri.

"There's more that [Siri] can do," Cook said at this year's All Things D conference, according to a transcript on MacRumors. "We have a lot of people working on this. You'll be really pleased with the things you'll see over the coming months."

Cook added: "We've got some cool ideas about what Siri can do. We have a lot going on on this."

Cook didn't highlight any specific changes that are coming, but the company has been on a well-known hiring spree for the Siri team in recent months. Several developers believe that the company is working on integrating Siri with more apps in the App Store to make the product more useful.

"Siri proves that people want to relate to the phone in a different way. There wasn't a lot of invention in the input. Then touch came along and was cool and new. I think voice -- particularly when it understands context not just voice recognition -- but what makes Siri cool is that she has a personality. She becomes many folks' best friends. " said Cook.

When questioned about this further Cook added,  "I think it's profound. It's not voice recognition -- it's the AI. That's what's profound. This is something that people have dreamed of for years. Yes, it could be broader and so forth. But, we see unbelievable potential here and Siri as a feature has moved into the mainstream. People hear "Siri" and people know what you're talking about. It's amazing this has come since October. I think you'll be really happy with where it's going."

SOURCE  MacRumors

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