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April 17, 2012

Raspberry Pi Now Shipping

Having previously suggested a March launch, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has finally announced that batches of the US $25 Linux computer are finally being delivered to customers.

The $35 Raspberry Pi Model B, which is the size of a credit card and runs on open-source software developed at Toronto's Seneca College, comes as 45-gram open board that fits in the palm of your hand. It is equipped with various ports so you can plug in critical components that don't come with it, such as a monitor and keyboard.

The Pis were subject to further delays when, in early March, a factory error caused the credit-sized computers to be fitted with ethernet connectors with non-magnetic jacks.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation reports that serial production of the computers has now begun, and is hoping to catch up with a backlog of orders.
A few people have got their Raspberry Pis today, and more should be arriving on doorsteps on Monday. Serial production has begun, so the backlog should be cleared sooner than some of you were hoping, and we hope that this means that some time over the next week or so element14 and RS will be able to give you firmer delivery estimates than we’ve been able to generate so far.

Raspberry Pi Foundation

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