Microsoft Patents Virtual Reality Systems

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fourth Dimension recently unveiled a prototype small sized screen at QXGA resolutions of 2048x1536—the same pixel count as the new iPad squeezed onto a fraction of the size. By putting one of these HD displays a few inches in front of each eye, you can create an all-encompassing 3D virtual reality effect that covers a roughly 100 degree field of vision in front of you

Now the Patent Bolt has discovered that Microsoft has been secretly working on a video headset since September 2010 that may make use of such technology.

A New Microsoft patent reveals that they’ve been working two styles of headset: an aviation styled helmet aimed at Xbox gamers, and one that resembles a pair of sunglasses for use with smartphones, MP3 players and other future devices.

In the patent., Microsoft states that a compact display system may be coupled into goggles, a helmet, or other eyewear. These configurations enable the wearer to view images from a computer, media player, or other electronic device with privacy and mobility. When adapted to display two different images concurrently — one for each eye — the system may be used for stereoscopic display (e.g., virtual-reality) applications.

The patent goes on to state that the glasses shown in FIG. 1 include lenses 18A and 18B arranged in front of the projectors. The lenses may be configured to correct the focus and/or brightness of the external objects for the comfort and vision needs of the wearer. This arrangement may allow the wearer to shift his or her focus between the external objects, a finite distance away, and virtual display images an infinite distance away. This suggests that augmented reality may be another use of the systems.

Patent Bolt

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