Apple's CEO Made More Than Twitter Last Year

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why is this man smiling?  You might be too if you had his income last year.

Apple CEO, and successor to Steve JobsTim Cook received $378 million in compensation last year, which makes him the highest-paid CEO in the world with a stratospheric income.

The vast majority came in a grant of 1 million restricted stock units worth $376 million at the time. Half of the stock units will vest in August 2016, the other half in August 2021.

His salary and performance bonus, about $900,000 each, made up much of the rest. He also made $16,520 from company contributions to a 401(k) retirement account and company-paid life insurance premiums.

In comparison, Jobs accepted a $1 annual salary for years and owned about 5.5 million shares, worth about $2.3 billion today.

To put Cook’s big payday further in perspective, here’s a rundown of how many Apple products Cook could conceivably buy:

  • 756,000 iPads
  • 378,378 entry-level MacBook Airs
  • 1,899,497 iPhone 4Ses with the same number of two-year contracts